‘COVID’ by fivepaw

Released on the 31st March 2020 released as the global panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic was reaching new heights, ‘COVID’ by fivepaw certainly has an immediately arresting name, even if the contents aren’t as significant or dangerous as the title would suggest.

Firstly, I want to take a closer look at the description on ‘COVID’s Bandcamp page, because I thought I was going a bit mad when I first saw it:

Citizens of Earth

COVID 19 is a genetically-modified strain of the common-cold coronavirus. It was designed to be highly contagious and can be lethal. But these are not why it was created. COVID 19 is a biochemical weapon designed to control you, to devastate the global economy, to generate fear and suspicion of each other and, lastly, to make your body more susceptible to future genetic modifications of this “virus.”

At the moment, we cannot fully divulge who we are or where we come from, but we have been monitoring your species at a distance for a very long time. We have known about this genetic engineering project to control and enslave you, and so have been working on an “anti-virus” that could only be deployed freely and effectively once your species had become technologically advanced to administer it to yourselves.
What the engineers of this particular virus were not aware of is that it’s architecture can be destabilized and weakened with sound frequencies. We have been guiding your species to these frequencies via numerical codes and observable natural phenomena. At this time we cannot fully reveal ourselves or our methods of “contact” with you, but are able to guide you to the correct frequencies to weaken and negate the purpose of this attack on your planet.

The frequencies you are about to hear are 72 and 6480, both of which are already familiar to many of you. 72 is a numerically coded key that has been incorporated into your myths, legends, religions and cultures for thousands of years and 72 vibration cycles per second are the low tone of this two-frequency application. The other tone, vibrating at 6,480 cycles per second, is a frequency many of you will recognize as the high-pitched tone that has already been ringing in your ears.

Together, these two frequencies can greatly interfere with the true purpose and plan of COVID 19. You may listen to them through headphones, speakers, or simply through your phone. Your universal technology has provided you with the instrument of immediate and highly effective mass-deployment. Listen to these tones for a few minutes every day until May 1st, when the virus’s natural lifespan will end as designed. Be warned, this current “attack” is part a progressively-potent deployment and the first to achieve the desired effect of controlling of your species, the weakening of your economies, and, ultimately, the collapse of your civilization. You need not blame any individual person, country or governing body for this attack, for it is part of a far grander scheme of control and enslavement than you are currently equipped to understand.

It is quite possible that this information will be removed, but the knowledge cannot be repressed once disseminated. The technology is in your hand to combat this virus, and we implore you to use it while there is still time.

Your species’ advancement has been systematically repressed for thousands of years. There has been a battle raging between forces who do not wish you to know certain truths regarding your existence and those of us who do. The easiest way to differentiate the two is by witnessing the repression and vilification of information that was designed to expand your consciousness.

To tell you more at this time would overload your current mental capacity. These tones are presented to you as a gift that you may choose to utilize or not. You are creatures with free will and the ability to learn, discern and contemplate the miracle of your existence. You are unique and valuable to the harmonic balance of all creation. You were given the gifts of free will, and we invite you to consider how your personal freedom is being effected and curtailed at this very moment.

This is a critical moment for your species and we wish to see you thrive. The symptoms, including death, caused by this particular strain of virus will run their course relatively quickly, but the infection will remain in your bodies, waiting to receive future mutations. Be vigilant, kind and supportive of one another through this process. There is hope and this outreach comes as a gesture of goodwill. Many of you will see it as the opposite, as the real threat to your society. To that, we ask you to stand back and observe what has already been put in motion by those who wish to control you and are currently succeeding in their endeavor.

We are here to remind you that you have a choice. Consider this fact as the acid test regarding who is supporting you and who is not. We want to remind you that we cannot make you do anything. By contrast, the ultimate goal of the COVID 19 agenda is not to kill you, but, as is being made clear, to control you. 
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing musical instruments and people sitting
fivepaw saving the world from the tyranny of COVID-19, one frequency at a time

For those of you who thought that was too long, so you didn’t read all of it, basically the suggestion here is that a benevalent alien species has become aware of a genetically engineered common cold virus (COVID-19) that has been created to enslave us all. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they have gifted us this album as a way to escape enslavement.

The album is created with two distinct tones – 72 and 6480 – and by listening to this album for a few minutes every day until May 1st when the virus’ life is over you will save yourself from enslavement.


Well, I love a good concept. But. And it’s a big BUT. This is five tracks of the same two tones being warped and distorted over the course of a few minutes.

Track 1 is the ‘pure’ strain of the tones and it is just two sounds being played simultaneously. One incredibly high pitched and one pleasantly low.

By the time you get to track 5 you are greeted by a palace of noise (known here as ‘eradication’) which is cool for about 30 seconds, then I couldn’t listen anymore.

Look: I’m sorry. I don’t think this is particularly my jam. But if you are interested in art projects and sound collages, maybe have a cheeky listen to ‘COVID’ below and see what you think.

Oh, and all the tracks are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. 4:20, geddit?

‘COVID’ by fivepaw is $5 minimum download on Bandcamp, but free to stream in its entirety. Take a look at fivepaw‘s other work (which I like a bit better than ‘COVID’) here on Bandcamp, or check out more of his work on Spotify here. There is Facebook, because of course there is.

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