‘DJ Harvey Live At Rumors’ by DJ Harvey

Look at this f***ing guy! Just listen to me for a second. Look at him! He looks so ***king happy!

DJ Harvey is the hero we need in these trying times.

Lets talk about the Harvmeister General

This is actually DJ Harvey‘s Facebook picture. What a legend. I can actually smell the Brylcreem, the Old Spice and the sweat. Get this guy a rum and coke!

DJ Harvey makes House music that will swirl you away to a sweaty Ibiza summertime in your mind. Sax samples, marimbas and steady hypnotic drums are the order of the day over. AND JUST LOOK AT THIS SHIRT…


When you get a moment, check out Harv’s Facebook page for more of this photographic GOLD. His 1,000,000 watt smile and endless enthusiasm will make your day brighter, I promise.

DJ Harvey is the party version of Bron from Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones' fans might not love Bronn after finale, actor ...

Musically, I have one question for you: “Do you like to party like it’s 1979?”

If your answer to the above is an emphatic “YES” then please immediately download or stream DJ Harvey‘s entire back catalogue of work. The music has this ecstasy-tinged, neon glow perfect for a party background or to have on while you work.

This live set has been released for a $1 minimum on DJ Harvey’s Bandcamp page right over here. You can find him, probably in Ibiza, or if not there then on his Facebook page here, his Soundcloud here, Spotify over here or in the corner of the club with his arms round two ladies looking like a total legend.

Have a listen to the first track here, and toss him a dollar or two to get all 4 of these epic House bops.

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