‘Golden Dappled Thoughts, Momentarily’ by Damon Smith

With a voice like a deep orange sunset, Damon Smith takes you through his insecurities with a nervous energy that is in equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking.

Here we have eleven songs about loneliness, loss and heartache that recall early Tom Waits – all bourbon and cigarettes – all drunken regrets..

Opener, ‘I’m Feeling Sick Now’ is the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach made into a song. “We need cooling off and hosing down, gotta call in sick now, ‘cos I’m actually sick now,” Damon wails in his distinctive gravely tone with an urgency and insistence that constantly drives the music forwards.

Standout tracks like, ‘It’s Time To Let The Wolves Out’ and ‘The Sun and The Moon’ feature big stomping, sing-along choruses that would make Bruce Springsteen proud before quieter tracks like ‘All I Ever Wanted’ creep up on you in their simplicity before battering you with the brutal desperation of their lyrics.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this sort of misery and Damon Smith is very good at it. Just take a listen to the way his voice cracks at just the right moment, or how the silences at the end of songs come at just the right time. If I have one criticism of this album, it’s that it occasionally feels too clean and professional when what I’m looking for in my sad-boy-songwriter album is the crackle and hum of a solo recording and just a wee bit more imperfection.

Overall, if you’re looking for an album to play while you stare sadly out of a rainy window sipping a whiskey cocktail and smoking a grubby cigarette, you could do a lot worse than choosing ‘Golden Dappled Thoughts, Momentarily’ by Damon Smith.

Take a listen below. ‘Golden Dappled Thoughts, Momentarily’ was released on the 27th March 2020 and it’s currently $20 on Bandcamp here, but you can stream the entire album for free if you wish. You can find Damon over on Twitter as well as Facebook if you’re into Tweeting or Booking Faces. Instagram too!

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