‘Stupid S***’ by Karate Hawk

In these times of extreme hardship, we need a hero.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Non-Binaries, I’ve found the greatest hero of all.

Presenting: Karate Hawk – The Mozart of 2020.

As we lay cowering in our self-imposed isolation, trying to do our bit t save the world from a killer virus, Karate Hawk is out there making our anthems.

Play ‘A Very Originalâ„¢ Joke’ loud from your bedroom window. Stand on your room, hold a boombox above your head and hit the play button – The beautiful sounds of ‘A$AP CRABLORD’ will cleanse the earth beneath you. As the beautiful words, “I F***ED YOUR B**** N*****” emit loudly from your speakers, you may see someone below fall to their knees in gratitude before IMMEDIATELY ASCENDING TO HEAVEN ON THE WINGS OF ANGELS.

Such is the power of the music contained within.

Here is a meme:

What Are Memes and How You Should Use Them

Am I funny now? Funny like Karate Hawk?

‘Stupid S***’ by Karate Hawk is stupid. And s***. It’s the aural equivalent of those YouTube Poop videos from 2007 and it’s about as funny. Unless you are 13, in which case, you’ll f***ing love it.

You can pay whatever you want for this album of absolute garbage on Karate Hawk‘s Bandcamp page. I recommend a donation of 0.69 cents or $4.20. Haha. Take a listen below. Pingas.

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