‘You And Your Friends’ by Peach Pit

I’m writing this review at the dining table in my tiny, one-bed flat wondering when all this Coronavirus stuff is all going to blow over. My partner of two years is at her desk/makeup station working from home, our cat is sleeping peacefully on our bed in the other room and I am listening to Peach Pit and trying to find the strength to do anything right now.

The only way I can adequately write about ‘You and Your Friends’ is in a clumsy analogy to the feelings I had as a teenager, so buckle up kids! Here we go:

Peach Pit make the music that you listen to in the park at 4am as a teenager with all your friends. Let me elaborate a little…

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

Imagine if you will that one of your friends managed to get served and bought a large bottle of Smirnoff (export strength!) with some money she had saved from her Saturday job. You all sit on the swings in the middle of the park, the summer air is chilly and sweet and the sun is just touching the horizon. The sky is black and blue. You will remember these moments for the rest of your life.

‘You And Your Friends’ obnoxiously plays on an old cd/tape deck you brought with you. You all take turns to take painful swigs from the bottle and through the haze and confusion of intoxication, you talk about life. How much it sucks. Like, really sucks. You are naive and you are only 16, but you are as old as you’ve ever been and you already know everything you want to know about life.

That is what ‘You and Your Friends’ sounds like to me.

That isn’t to say that the music contained within is only for the dumb kids who get drunk in parks, although I would highly recommend that if you fall into that bracket that you pick up this record as soon as you can.

Peach Pit are master craftsmen of sad, introspective indie-rock music that makes me want to awkwardly dance and quietly cry in equal measure.

Take ‘Black Licorice’ or ‘Feelin’ Low (F*ckboy Blues)’ as perfect examples of this – Choruses that are made to be shouted back at the band during intense live shows. Painful lyrics that are easy to associate and sympathise with:

“I’m just black licorice,

And all the people that I know,

Would rather leave me in the bowl”

‘Black Licorice’ by Peach Pit

‘You and Your Friends’ is 12 crunchy, fuzzy, melancholy bops for the discerning music lover and all of their friends.

It’s ok to be sad sometimes.

I miss sitting in the park with my friends discussing life and everything in between.

You can listen to it on Spotify almost immediately if you click here, or just boot up the playlist below. You can find a number of ways to purchase the album by clicking on these highlighted words and you can find Peach Pit on their Twitter here, their Facebook over here, Instagram here or at their official website by clicking here. There’s links on the website to purchase vinyl and all sorts of fun merch, so go for it if that’s your jam.

I love you all and please stay safe out there.

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