‘Cattivo’ by Cattivo

There’s a sombre sadness to Cattivo that makes it hard to write about in a way that properly communicates the emotional states found within. Moving over you like an Autumn breeze, the swirling synths, keys and guitars sound oddly familiar even if you’ve never heard them before.

Like a visit from a dear old friend, or a tight squeezing hug from a favourite relative – press play, put in your headphones, turn up the sound and become enveloped in the blanket of sound that Cattivo has weaved for you.

Opener ‘Fishy Jesus’ is whispered to you over an ocean of textured guitar and piano. The breathy, quiet vocals of Maya Alkulumbre are touchingly beautiful, recalling lullabies lost to the ages. There’s a sadness here, but also a terrifying beauty.

‘Dream-Manuvers’ has a gentle waltzing rhythm and sway to it that makes you think of Parisian courtyards, memories of romance and the warmth of love.

Elsewhere, ‘Girl & Cat’ is more of a sound painting than a song. Sounds clash overhead like a storm is raging, while below a soft insistent melody keeps you company.

Finally, ‘Jérôme and Sylvie’ wraps things up like a soft wave goodbye. Feather-light vocals and waltzing synths underpin an insistent melody that follows you long after the record has finished spinning.

Cattivo has made something truly special with this release. An apocalyptic lullaby, a gentle cry in the dark and a terrible truth brought into the light. Cattivo.

You can purchase these four tracks from Schwarz Neon Licht records right over here on this Bandcamp page and I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with any more releases coming soon.

Take a listen to ‘Cattivo’ below and let me know what you think.

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