‘Secret Songs’ by Purple Hummus

Normally, when the hummus goes purple, you should throw it away. In this case, maybe take another sniff before you put this one in the bin.

Purple Hummus appears to be the work of one Gareth Toner, of Glasgow Scotland. From the photos that adorn his work, Gareth may also be a cat.

Cat theories aside, ‘Secret Songs’ is a collection of thirteen bedroom pop songs. Simple, catchy melodies, sung with aplomb by an airy Scottish (read: SCAW TISH) voice. It’s gentle and sweet and intimate, like being serenaded by your favourite uncle.

The excellent ‘Sun Doesn’t Shine’ will be get stuck in your head if you let it; its cheery music disguising the underlying darkness of the lyrics:

The sun doesn’t shine in this room anymore
There’s two heavy locks bolted onto the door
Claw marks on the walls, debris on the floor
The sun doesn’t shine in this room anymore

‘Sun Doesn’t Shine’ by Purple Hummus

‘One Minute Song’ is hilarious and does exactly what it says on the tin, not outstaying its welcome and crafting a perfect, one minute song. ‘Wide-Eyed Wonder’ is a beautiful little acoustic ballad that really tugs at the heart-strings and ‘Never’ is a perfect pop song.

There is a lot to love here in this cosy collection of songs. If you love The Magnetic Fields or Arab Strab, check out Purple Hummus and let uncle Gareth keep you company in your quarantine.

You can find all of Purple Hummus’ work on their Bandcamp page here. They’re also on Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram! Wow!

‘Secret Songs’ is a Pay-What-You-Want release and you can listen to it right here:


If you’re interested in a good Purple Hummus recipe, check out this one here from Minimalist Baker.

Sliced veggies and bowl of Roasted Beet Hummus topped with lemon zest

The recipe begins with possibly the smuggest opening line I’ve ever read:

“Isn’t health beautiful? Why yes, it is.”

The Minimalist Baker., who’s right healthy and stuff.

Alright, health-face. Calm down alright?

Anyway, the recipe looks lovely and I’ll update this post if I can be bothered to make it ever. ISN’T HEALTH BEAUTIFUL!?!?!? ISN’T IT THOUGH!??!?!!?!?!?

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