‘April’ by BB Sinclair

Well this is nice, isn’t it?

‘April’ is three tracks of dreamy, spaced-out indie rock, which in the band’s own words are:

  1. About loss
  2. About getting better
  3. About being in a car accident

That’s nice isn’t it? This is nice!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Each song feels like a memory captured in sound. ‘Rotten fruit’ is a hypnotic march through sadness and loss. ‘Weight’ is a gentle pat on the shoulders and a kiss on the forehead – in song form. ‘Her car’ is the most romantic song about being in a car crash I’ve ever heard as the music literally tumbles towards its climax in descending scales.

And I mean… this is nice! It’s really nice. It makes me really excited to hear a full-length album from BB Sinclair soon.

You can hear the three tracks in full below, or pay just $2 to download them to keep forever. You can find BB Sinclair on their Instagram, Facebook page or Soundcloud by clicking on the funny coloured words.

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