‘If Only’ by Lilac Queen

It takes true courage to write something as raw and honest as ‘Cemetery Sounds’, the second track on the latest release from Massachusetts emo kids, Lilac Queen:

“Shouldn’t have to beg you to love me,
In my darkest times,
The puppet strings you’re pulling,
Left me with a captive mind,

I thought you were an angel,
And I thought that I could shine,
You’D maybe get to heaven,
If I stuck by your side…”

‘Cemetery Sounds’ by Lilac Queen

The lyrics capture the intense emotional roller-coaster of being in an emotionally abusive relationship with a stark, brutal honesty. The music however sounds triumphant and bombastic with explosive guitars and a soaring chorus that is easy to get caught up in. ‘Cemetery Sounds’ is a cathartic, blast of pure emotion and a new anthem for surviving abuse.

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Across these four powerful tracks, Lilac Queen showcase their strengths – Mountains of powerful guitar noise, with soaring lead guitar lines and bombastic drums, recalling the best of the shoegaze scene and a hint of the post-rock bombast of bands like Explosions In The Sky. Underneath the piles of raucous sound are a pair of voices that sing in beautiful harmony.

Absolute highlight, ‘Ouch’ is a great example of this dynamic, with the two singers voices looping and swirling around each other, creating harmonies and taking on solo-lines in and around the powerful force of the music.

Wrapping things up after only four songs with ‘Lorna II’ , featuring more of that beautiful interplay between the singers and a hypnotic, crunchy blast of noise, I’m left wanting more. Much more.

‘If Only’ is one of the most exciting records I’ve heard this year so far. Lilac Queen have crafted a work that pays homage to their influences, but also sounds fresh and unique. I highly recommend you check this out and keep a close eye out for their next release.

You can purchase ‘If Only’ directly from No Sleep Records by heading to the Lilac Queen Bandcamp page. It’s only a $4 minimum for the download, which is literally one dollar per track. An absolute steal!

You can also stream the whole thing on Spotify, which is nice.

While you’re at it, follow Lilac Queen on Twitter or Facebook by clicking on these words. Why not also check out the other amazing music on No Sleep Records? You can find them by clicking on these words as opposed to the other words you could have clicked. Isn’t that swell?

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