Two tracks that fondly recall Hole at the height of Courtney Love’s powers. Grungy, fuzzed out, power-chord driven, riot grrl, ROCK AND ROLL.!

Meres takes from the glorious grunge past, but builds on it masterfully to create something that feels less like a 90s throwback, and more like something new and exciting.

‘CUT’ is pure ‘Celebrity Skin‘ – Glossy, stoner-grunge full of spunk and swagger with a wild sing-along-chorus that is totally stadium ready.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

‘Think You Like This’ is the exact opposite. If ‘CUT’ is ‘Celebrity Skin’ for the 21st Century, then ‘Think You Like This’ is Meres’ ‘Doll Parts’ – Dark, swirling guitars with no percussion and lead vocals coming from a hole in your soul. Powerful, emotional and moving.

Good stuff. Fondly recalls the triumphant past of the genre, but moves it forwards with a confident swagger.

Listen to both tracks below. You can download this release from Meres’ Bandcamp page for a mere $2 minimum. Which is nice. You can also find Meres on her official website, Facebook page, or Instagram. Oooo!

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