‘Self-Titled’ by Peach

Suddenly, Peach come busting in through the front door, amps turned all the way up. They never stop all the way through nine furious shoegaze bangers on their new Self-Titled album, out now on Bandcamp.

Drums, like hail on a tin roof.

Guitars, thick like ice cream.

Voices, whisper out from the sonic abyss.

It’s relentless. Equal parts beauty and pain.

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing musical instruments, people sitting, night and indoor

I wasn’t kidding about Peach busting in folks! Opening track ‘Bee’ starts in media res. A mission statement of titanic proportions, immediately blasting you with a sparkling, fresh sonic waterfall. The first time I listened, I had to check that I wasn’t having technical difficulties, but no, the song really does start immediately as if you started the track about two minutes in. Peach aren’t messing around, ok? They want you to listen, now!

Now on to the wine-list for music connoisseurs who wish to enjoy this album:

If you enjoy your relentless sonic assaults reader, may I recommend that you partake in a freshly poured glass of ‘Witch’, which features notes of “screamo” and a hint of furious energy that adds a formidable texture to the experience.

Something sweeter? How about this excellent vintage? ‘Small Child’ has a lot of body, with warm sweet notes and a fantastic grungy bouquet.

Or perhaps the closing offering, ‘Found Someone’, which has a good nose. If you like your songs with a fruity lead guitar line that soars high above the rest of the musical taste, you’ll find that ‘Found Someone’ is a perfect accompaniment to fish or risotto.*

Peach’s debut album is a powerful, grandiose, sweeping, beautiful and terrifying treat.

You can download the entire album by heading to Peach’s Bandcamp page where it is currently being sold on a Pay-What-You-Want basis. You can also stream the entire album below if you want a taste.

You can find Peach in all the usual hang-out spots. They’re on Twitter. They’re on Facebook. Hell, they’re even on Instagram. Can you believe it?

Well, dear readers: You can find them by clicking any of the highlighted words above. No need to thank me.

*Sorry, I ran out of wine-tasting jokes.

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