‘Sitcom’ by Oh Papa

As fresh and sweet as a spring breeze, Sitcom by Oh Papa is like visiting a tropical island. It’s the musical equivalent of an enjoyable Hawaiian shirt, or the umbrella in your fruity cocktail.

This is loveliness transfigured into music.

Four tracks of staring-into-the-sunset, breezy bliss.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
Look at the fella on the left there. That shirt. That’s what the music of Oh Papa sounds like.

This is all perfectly summarised by the title track. On ‘Sitcom’ you won’t find any canned laughter or cheaply written jokes – instead we have sweet whispered vocals, a little bit of slide-guitar, gently patted drums and a cocktail-lounge feel that will have you longing for a beach, the summertime, deep red sunsets and a sweet cocktail in your hand.

Closing with the swaying bossa-nova beat of ‘Maurice Maurice’, Sitcom doesn’t outstay its welcome. As ‘Maurice Maurice’ gently swayed out of my headphones with it’s lounge-jazz atmosphere, I definitely reached for the play button again and took Sitcom for another few spins. I think you will too.

I thoroughly look forward to more stories from the breezy world of Oh Papa and if you too long for beach days and wearing shorts all the time, check out Sitcom on Bandcamp where it is available for the ridiculously reasonable price of three pounds! That’s almost like stealing! You can have a listen to all four tracks below before you decide to part with any of your money.

You can of course follow Oh Papa on Twitter over here, on Facebook over here and on Instagram by clicking the words I have written here.

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