‘Everything Happens’ by Tall White Trees

Tall White Trees make the kind of high quality “garage rock” that would have made Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes quake in their boots back in their early 2000s heydays. It was a pleasure listening to Everything Happens and getting the feeling of being transported back to 2003.

It’s all hand-claps, stomps and angular guitar riffs. Drainpipe jeans and 70s charity-shop shirts. Cigarette stains and not looking back into the sun.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and outdoor

‘Signal Control’ is a pure-strain, 80s post-punk, garage rock stomper that will get your feet moving.

‘Say It Is’ is like peak Franz Ferdinand with a catchy chorus and sharp angular guitars.

‘Out Of Your Hands’ has some echoes of classic Interpol along with the excellent stompy rhythms and garage atmosphere it creates.

Then there’s ‘Tiny Tiny Things’, the closing statement from Tall White Trees on this release. Led by hand-claps, you are guided through a post-punk odyssey before all that is left is clapping and the sound dissolves into nothing taking my nostalgic romp through 2003 with it.

Bizarre lyrics like this one…

“A bird is a bird because I said it is,
A word is a word because I say it is…”

‘Say It Is’ by Tall White Trees

… might mean that Tall White Trees may want to invest in an editor for future releases, but other than that minor criticism, Everything Happens is a great little nugget of indie-pop gold just waiting for you to discover it.

Take a listen to Everything Happens below and head over to Tall White Trees’ Bandcamp page where you can download the album for a measly £3.

You can find Tall White Trees on Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube if you want to stalk them across the internet like some kind of hungry tiger. They’re grrrrrrrreat!

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