‘Queen Of The Rodeo’ by Vivamagnolia

Queen Of The Rodeo is an excellent EP by Vivamagnolia. Musically it touches on a lot of things I love, with hints of the sad indie-rock that I grew up on (think of Low, Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse, Smog, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and you’re on the right track) so this is an instant and easy recommendation for me to make. If you are like me and you have insatiable thirst for discovering new sad indie rock music, you will love Queen of The Rodeo and will want to look out for more by Vivamagnolia.


With the review over with, let’s get on with the main event:

Let’s talk about Rodeo Queens!

So, you’re probably asking,

Space Giraffe (?!), what on earth is a Rodeo Queen?”

… and I’m glad you asked dear reader.

A Rodeo Queen is the main representative of a rodeo company. She is smart, fully clued up on “rodeo knowledge”, can ride a horse in the “western style” and she’s great at public speaking. If you’re business minded, love horses and have immense HORSE KNOWLEDGE™, you too can be a Rodeo Queen.

Take a look at this Rodeo Queen:

Breanna, the lovely 2013 La Grande Rodeo Queen! | Rodeo queen ...

There she is! Note the western shirt, chaps and cool hat. These are because a Rodeo Queen must represent the *ahem* “Western Tradition”. This phrase gets used a lot in Rodeo literature, though it is never fully explained.

“Western Tradition” appears to mean dressing like a cool cowboy in a cool cowboy movie for cool people.

What do the jewels embroidered on the rodeo outfit represent? Well, they show that the Rodeo Queen is “very bright” according to this young Queen being interviewed by Maranda here on YouTube:

My favourite bit of this interview is that Maranda was clearly disappointed for a split second that she was only interviewing a High School Rodeo Queen and not an adult.

Now look at this Rodeo Queen:

Kendall County teen named Rodeo Queen | Kendall County Record

Look at the massive belt buckle. If you think of Rodeo Queens as I do, as Professional Wrestlers, you’ll see that a lot of Queens have these massive belt buckles to indicate their Queenliness.

To become a True Queen, they have to compete!

Rodeo Queen competition is fierce with the Queens really being tested on their Horse Control, Rodeo Knowledge, Western Tradition (probably) and Fashion.

Take a look at the footage from the Cowgirl Queen competition at the Iowa State Fair in 2013:

There is an enormous amount of skill and dedication required to perform under competition conditions and control a horse like this. It’s actually really impressive.

But what about trick riding?

Take a look at my favourite show ever, All American Cowgirl Chicks which I PROMISE IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY DESPITE THE TITLE.

Marvel at the incredible logo above, the misogyny of its title, the amazing characters like Choppers the Pig (yes, really) and Random Old Man who looks like he got a bit lost on his way to his local Taco Bell, JW Stoker.

Look at this review from the YouTube comments:

“AMERICA” indeed Wild Willy.

And that, dear readers, is everything you need to know about Rodeo Queens.

If you managed to read all that and you still want to check out Vivamagnolia, I’m really glad because Queen of The Rodeo is genuinely great. You can stream it right here by heading below, or head to Bandcamp and purchase a digital copy for only £3 – an absolute steal!

Vivamagnolia is also on Spotify here, Twitter over here, Facebook right here and Instagram for all your Social Media Following needs!


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