‘View From Above’ by Kyle Jameson

I clicked ‘play’ on View From Above by Kyle Jameson and my first feeling was confusion.

It only lasted for a second before the feeling was replaced by a wave of amusement, then a feeling of joyful nostalgia.

View From Above is the soundtrack that played behind every 1980s and 1990s promotional video ever made. I have no idea where you were and in what situation you heard this music, but you know it. You either know this because you lived through this era, or you’ve seen it parodied or referenced in the modern age.

The point is, that View From Above is a perfect reproduction of the “promotional video sound” which makes a series case for turning it into a whole new genre.

There is an earnestness and an honesty to View From Above that isn’t found on similar Vaporwave-styled music. This is played professionally, without utilising samples or bending the music to make it more “cool”. This is a gigantic chunk of pure cheese that it is impossible not to recognise.

And now, here are ten ideal uses for the music of View From Above:

  1. A Sega Saturn promotional advert circa 1995.
  2. A podcast about Golf, presented by a 54 year old man from Atlanta, Georgia which was last updated in 2016.
  3. A Scientology Promotional Video, circa 2006.
  4. The instructional video that came with your 1989 Sony Handycam.
  5. A “special presentation” of a 1993 episode of Murder She Wrote.
  6. A training video for your new job at Sainsbury’s circa 2001.
  7. The introduction music at a local beauty contest.
  8. Pornography soundtracks.
  9. The music played in an elevator in the building of an ‘evil corporation’ in a 1980s action movie starring either Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris or Kurt Russell, but NOT Sylvester Stallone.
  10. A jazz lounge in a futuristic 1990s anime about cops who pilot giant mecha in an endless war against Space Gangsters.


If you want to relive an era that you didn’t live through, or transport yourself to a perfect recreation of 80s/90s synth cheese, download View From Above today.

It’s available for a mere $8 from Bandcamp right now and you can stream it right here at the top of this very page!

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