‘Two Songs’ by Reservoir

I always forget the first ‘R’ in Reservoir when I write the word down. It may be because the way you say it has more of an ‘EH’ sound, than an ‘ER’. You don’t say, “Reserve Voir,” do you?

Anyway, the word ‘reservoir’ literally means a lake of fresh, clean drinking water for distribution to society. Less commonly it could be used to describe the source of a disease or infection.

So which definition better fits this release from Pennsylvania emo lads, Reservoir? Does Two Songs sparkle like a pool of fresh clean drinking water? Or does it fester like the source of a disease?

Image may contain: night and fire

As the title suggests, there are two songs, on Two Songs.

The first, Amos, is a sprawling emo rock epic, slowly building throughout it’s six minute run-time to a spellbinding finally that will have lighters and fists raised towards the heavens.

A lone guitar line twists its way through the deep emotional crevices of your mind as voices join and intermingle above. Drums gently join the guitar, before a thick bass line starts up and the song begins to grow and expand before imploding like a new galaxy in the final minute. Amos is a hypnotic and exhilarating listen from beginning to end.

The second of our two songs is called Crawling Space and it inhabits a different space to Amos. this is more bombastic and less sprawling. Big bass riffs and pounding drums, leading you headlong into an explosive final minute of pure emotional noise. Splendid.

So which definition fits best?

Definitely the first one.

Two Songs is great – If you like your music long and sprawling, hypnotic and powerful, you’ll love Reservoir.

You can listen to Two Songs by clicking ‘play’ at the top of this page and you can go and download this release from Bandcamp on a Pay-What-You-Want basis by clicking here.

You can find Reservoir at all your favourite social media outlets – Like, Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr? You can even find them in your town, hiding behind bushes sometimes if you look hard enough. You can click on any of the highlighted words to find Reservoir and follow them around. Which is nice.

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