STATE OF THE GIRAFFE – 11th May 2020

It turns out, that trying to fill this website with content in such a short amount of time led to a bit of a burnout? WHO KNEW?!

In the past month and a bit, I’ve written and published 32 music reviews and was producing these in a frankly bizarre way – Writing as fast as I could on every Monday and rushing through as many reviews as possible and then scheduling them to release throughout the week.

It meant that although I was writing plenty of content, the reviews were often missing a touch of polish and quality control.

Welcome to my world folks! This is how I work – Chaos and Hope For The Best. I ride the train of my nervous, over-excited creativity straight into a wall and burst into flames.

By the time the review of ‘Two Songs’ by Reservoir went live, I was exhausted. The knowledge that I also had committed to doing a podcast every week was looming heavy over my head and I was staring at a half-finished project on Adobe Premiere when I realised that this wasn’t fun and if I carried on like this I would resent my own work, making this endeavour totally worthless.

So, I stopped.

I gave myself a week off. I stopped nervously checking my blog stats every few minutes and I let out a long sigh of relief.

My partner and I played 41 hours of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey together and stayed up far too late every night.

Hakuna matata! No worries.

And now, I’m back, refreshed and ready to show you my work again.

This time however, we’re going to do this properly.

HERE IS MY PLANNED SCHEDULE (I will pop a real one in a page on the left side of this site when I’ve got this nailed down, but this here post that you are kindly reading is very much a stream-of-conciousness exercise in brain emptying)

There will be no more than two written posts per week.

These posts will appear on the site on Tuesday and Thursday.

There will be no more than 4 videos per month (1 a week) on my YouTube channel (which is currently empty unless you can see the ancient unlisted videos on there).

These videos will be posted as and when they’re finished on my YouTube channel, and on the blog on Wednesdays.

As such, you will see at least one new post on the blog every week which leaves me free to continue this after the UKs lockdown is ended (which looks to be at the end of July as of writing) and I’m forced to return to full-time stress in an office work.

When I am back to work, I’ll post another one of these updates to let you know of any drastic changes. My actual job is very stressful and life-consuming, so we’ll see how I get on won’t we?

To confirm then:

At least one post per week.

No more than two written posts per week.

No more than four video posts per month.

Written posts on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.

Video to be posted on Wednesday.

If you read my work or even better – if you have enjoyed anything I’ve written so far, thank you so much.

I love you all.

Stay safe wherever you are!

Peace and love,

Space Giraffe (?!)

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