‘NARX’ by The Mink Stoles

I couldn’t rightly “review” NARX by The Mink Stoles because it didn’t feel right to just breakdown the positives and negatives of these three tracks. I pressed play and for the entirety of NARX, wrote whatever came into my head and stopped when the final track ended.

If you’re not interested in my stream of consciousness ramble about the album, just know that it is a prog-rock trip in three tracks that recalls the best of Zappa and Yes. Enjoy!

Ok, that’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m blasting off.


I’m going to be an astronaut now. I’m getting on board The Mink Stoles’ rocket and I’m out of here.

Wave goodbye, shout your hopes of good luck to me. You will never see me again. Farewell.

Suddenly, blast-off!

Struggling against the g-force, my face contorts and I hold on for dear life, strapped into The Mink Stoles’ rocket ship and I’m soaring. Then I’m floating. And I’m dreaming.


I’m dreaming of purple clouds. A shimmering crystal of pure iridescent light glimmers above them. Rainbow-coloured rain falls, upwards. An animal – not quite a horse, not quite a cat, not quite a dog, not quite an eagle – floats past me and speaks to me in the voice of my father.

He says, “Hello son.”


And I’m awake.

In space no one can hear you scream, but I screamed anyway because here I was – floating freely in space, in The Mink Stoles’ rocket ship. I unstrapped myself from the pilot seat and looked around. All around me there were boxes and boxes of After Eight mint chocolates.

It seems that in the confusion before takeoff, I had quickly, unconciously, loaded the rocket with an incredible supply of After Eights. I don’t even like them very much, but due to the fatigue from all this space travel, I tore into one of the boxes and began to chew thoughtfully on a thin, depressingly moist chocolate.

Other than the mountains of boxes of After Eights, I had brought nothing else, so I sat down at the rocket’s controls and began to scan for signs of life outside.

Thankfully, a mysterious planet wasn’t far away, so I set course and made it so.

When I arrived, I put on my space-suit and stepped foot onto the planet. We’ll call this planet Sin.

Sin was red. Not red like Mars is red, but a deep, solid, prime colour Red with a capital R. Like the side of a London Postbox. The sky was a deep endless Black, but not like back on Earth. There were no stars, just the harsh red of the planet’s surface and the intense blackness of the sky. On the ground were structures… no, these were trees, but they were totally cuboid in shape. Red strutting cuboids emanating from the ground. I stepped out from the ship onto the red ground which felt pleasingly soft like rubber under the space suits feet.

A quick scan showed that the atmosphere was breathable so I removed my helmet and wandered the surface, searching for water.

Among the cube-trees I found an oasis like one you would find on Earth, comically similar to one you would find in a cartoon of a desert.

I stepped to the shore and marvelled at the out of place palm trees and the silvery sand in this harsh red land, then I dipped my foot into the clear sparkling water.

I fell.

Into the water but through the lake into a vast ocean of crystalline fish.

I floated down, down, down.

As I fell slowly through the water, the light around me intensified till all I could see was white.

Then I awoke in my room back home and I thought to myself:

Ok, that’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m blasting off.

You can currently stream or pay whatever you feel like it for NARX over on The Mink Stoles’ Bandcamp page by clicking these words. You can find The Mink Stoles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or at their personal website too if you’re interested in more proggy rambles through time and space!

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