Why I’m Raising Money for Cat’s Protection as a PAWSOME PLAYER

On Saturday the 24th October 2020, we will be streaming horror video games over on Twitch.tv from 7pm until 7pm on the 25th to raise money for Cats Protection in the UK. I’ve set the bar pretty high (£200!) but don’t feel bad if you can’t donate right now, I totally understand that times are tough. If you could share my link, I’d be very grateful however.


If you want to come and support us, tune in to my Twitch channel at any time over the weekend and you’ll find me, Mrs Giraffe and our cat Morrissey spooking ourselves with horror games for a good cause.

We got our cat shortly after we moved in together. As we were discussing moving in, we jokingly talked about adopting a cat and naming them Millhouse. We really wanted a fat ginger cat – because who doesn’t – but then about a month after we got the keys to our flat, we saw a picture of Morrissey on a pet website and immediately fell in love.

Morrissey’s name was previously Alex because he was from the mean streets of Alexandria in Egypt. Cats once had a proud history in Egypt, embodying some of ancient Egypt’s most famous deities, but sadly as cities grew and civilisation moved on, cats are now treated like vermin and are left to wander the streets. Alex was one of those cats. He’s apparently an Egyptian Mau, but he’s grey and has long hair which means he is definitely not a pure Mau. He was born on the streets and then thankfully taken in to a shelter for stray cats and dogs as Alexandria has a serious issue with both of these animals.

Alex was very lucky. Cats are often wrongly depicted as cruel, vindictive, selfish and destructive because human beings like to human traits onto everything that isn’t human. Cats are living, breathing entities who have for co-existed alongside humans for hundreds of years, eating rats and mice who would destroy our food and spread diseases. In return for this we’ve sheltered them, fed them and eventually began to invite them into our homes as pets. Because of people painting them as villainous murderers, they get shouted at, chased away and abused. I understand that people don’t like certain things and that is fine, but hurting another living being because of your pre-conceived notions? That’s not on.

Sadly, people do harm cats. People hate cats. They are the Marmite of the animal world – You either love them or you hate them! – and they are subject to all number of abuses. This is why I want to donate to Cats Protection. I want to help cats like Morrissey find warm loving homes and have shelter through the cold months.

Morrissey (Alex) was in a shelter with hundreds of other cats and dogs. He asserted himself there and pushed the other cats out of the way to get food, so he is a little bit overweight (a chonky boi) which is something we struggle with a little bit in our tiny flat but he’s happy and reasonably healthy and we love him dearly. As the nice lady was bringing him to explore our flat, we were listening to The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths which is why we named him Morrissey. He’s much nicer than the actual Morrissey.

I love cats. If you only know me for one thing it is that I love cats. They are loners who belong to no one. If they like you, they’ll show you. If they don’t, they’ll leave. Some people don’t like this and hey, that’s fine! I love that Morrissey chooses to cuddle up to me, talks to me when he needs something and sees me as a source of safety and comfort. I’ve also learned that to be a good cat parent, you need to listen to your cat! Oh hey, he’s pushing things off of the desk? I think he’s probably bored and needs to play. Cats have a physical language that fun to learn and means that they’re not the pet for everyone. If you require a disciplined companion, a cat is probably not for you, but take the time to interact with one next time you encounter one and you might take a liking to these furry critters.

So, what do the Cats Protection actually do? Take a look at this video to see the wonderful things they do for cats:

But they don’t just help cats, they help humans too – Take a look at this video about Cat Fostering for those who are fleeing domestic abuse (CONTENT WARNING – ABUSE)

You know what’s great for mental health? CUDDLING CATS. If you can’t donate right now (I don’t blame you, times are tough for everyone!) why not consider volunteering with your local cat shelter?

Finally, if you want to learn a bit more about how to talk to your cat companion, have a look at this video on Cat Body Language!

I hope you’ll come and join us on the 24th! We’ll be playing spooky games like Alien Isolation, Vampyr, Phantasmagoria and Death Road To Canada!

Follow my Twitch channel here to get updates of when I go live and make sure to check out my Twitter where I will be spamming pictures of my cat and donation links until Monday morning.

Thanks for reading!

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